TRANSSCRIPT of letter from JOHN CROW of Wheeo, NSW, Australia to his married sister MARY BAILEY (nee CROW) in LINCOLN, England in 1883

Wheeo 1883

June 16th

My Dear Sister

As I have received no letter from you this year I am dowting if you received my last which I posted in January. I shall be very glad to hear from you. I am happy to tell you this leaves myself and famerly in good health. Thanks be to God for his may blessings.

If you received my last the contents gave grate accounts of my youngest Son and his abominable dowings. He is more rogue than fool I am sorry to say. I believe there is nothing wrong in is interlect. He is at home with myself. I fear he will not do well. I don’t like his ways. I am grately decieved in him. I suppose I will soon be without a boy. They are getting very jolly and want two much of thare own way. I cant correct them now as I would like two. They can make thare own living any day thay turn out if thay wish to do so and thay know it. That makes them so jolly.

I must now tell you a little about myself. I am putting the time in not so comfortable as I would wish. My housekeeping is two rough to be comfortable. I can not help myself or I would not stop single.

I have asked 3 women in marrage and have bean refused. I believe my failure is owing to my boys representing men. Thay take me to be much older than I really can be and another thing I am told thay don’t like second hand Stock (? Shoes) so you see I must grin and bear it. I could get those I don’t want and would be glad to get me. I shall wait longer, thare is a good time coming. Something better may turn up.

My son G Thos is single yet thare was reports 2 months ago that he was married so you can judge he is getting pretty hot. He is like his dady. We like Girls.

I hope you are all well in the old country. We are just getting into Winter and I suppose you have the sunny days of June. You are talking of harvist time. We have just finish sowing the crop. If you have not written before this reach you you will please not delay as it will be near Christmas by the time it reach mehear. The 5th of Oct will soon come round again Poor Old John will be 51 if I live till that time.

I wonder if any of the Lincoln yellow bellies (Lincoln residence) would think it worth thare wile to notice Old John if I came thare for a Wife.

I have not any more to tell just now. Hoping yourself husband and Mstr J William is in the best of health also my relations.

With my best Love to youself husband and famerly also my relations when writing to them from your Loving Brother

John Crow

P Office Wheeo

New South Wales