TRANSSCRIPT of letter from JOHN CROW of Wheeo, NSW, Australia to his married sister MARY BAILEY (nee CROW) in LINCOLN, England in 1878

August 11th 78 Wheeo NSW

My dear Sister

I take up my pen to write thease few lines hoping they will find you and your dear husband in health and happiness.

I am very uneasy about you has I have received not but one letter from you since you got married and that was dated July 22th 1877 that will be about 12 months by the time you received this since I heard from you. I did not think you would forget me so soon after you became Mrs.

I answered your last letter about 3 months after the receipt of yours and i did send one to the Deanery after you left. I may have spoken a little to free in the last letter to the Deanery. If you have taken it so I hope you will think better of it as i intended only to crack a joke with you. I don’t suppose we will ever ear the tong of each other speak again on this earth so you should not be too exact over a few lines in black and white.

I have not heard from George. I suppose i will hear no more from him. I wonder very much his wife would not write a few lines to me on his account has i was well acquainted with her and thougth her a very nice person. I make no wonder at Susanah not writing to me has we ware not very affectionate when we ware living together.

I suppose after my absence of 23 years the affection is no grater. You promised the Mr. Bailey Potograph and I have been anciously looking for it in vain.

I must now tell you Mrs C. And famerly also myself is in very good health. Oct 78 will soon be hear that will make me 46 if his not out of place to call me the old man. I wish you much happiness and prosperity to your Birthday the 2th August.

If you are writing to me again you will PS send Georges Adress. I might write a few lines to him.

This is midwinter with me there have been heavy falls of snow in thease Colonies. There have been some fine vesels lost at Sea this last few months. When convenient you will give my kind love to George Susanah and famerly also J and M. Dockey (Dockery ?), Mrs.C and famerly joins with me in sending their kindest and best love with my best respects to Mr Bailey from your affectionate Brother.

John Crow

Post Office


New South Wales