Below is a selection of various newspaper clippings, articles, passenger lists, letters etc relating to the Crow and White families. These items were obtained from the Crookwell Historical Society, NSW State Registery, the Victorian State Registry and the Australian National Library, Canberra. Click on the image image to view the item in a larger format.

Passenger List Glen Ilsa 1854

Passenger list for the Glen Ilsa confirms James White's arrival in Sydney on 2 July 1854... Click here to view

Passenger List Frederick 1855

Passenger list for the Frederick confirms Anne White's arrival into Melbourne on 11 April 1855...
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Wedding Register 1829

Wedding Register for Benjamin Crow and Susannah Dockery 28th September 1829... Click here to view

Goulburn Herald 1870

Goulburn Herlad 23 February 1870 'Sickness in the Wheeo region' Death Notice for Susan Crow... Click here to view

Government Gazette Sydney 1884

New South Wales Government Gazette Sydney, Tuesday 29 April 1884 - Notice to John Crow's Estate...
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Goulburn Herald 1886

Goulburn Herald 3rd July 1886. Wallaby Drive / Kangaroo Cull in Wheeo... Click here to view

Goulburn Penny Post 1895

Marriage Notice John White in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post Saturday 23rd Feb 1895... Click here to view

Orbituary Notice 1924

Burrowa News 4th April 1924 - Obituary notice for Francis S. Crowe... Click here to view

Government Gazette 1913

Government Gazette 16th April 1913 - Pastures Protection Act 1912, granting certificate for crow scalps to J. A Crow of Roscommon... Click here to view